All Men Are Brothers

We love the Allman Brothers. We love to play their music. It’s deceivingly hard. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Even better. We are seasoned musicians who refuse to roll over and fall in line. So we’re not twenty year old pretty boys...So what! We’re better players than we’ve ever been.

We keep on practicing, hammering away at our instruments, our craft. This music makes us better just by attempting to play it. That’s what good music does. And the music of Gregg, Duane and Dickey, is some pretty awesome music!

We are a live band. No autotune, no sequencing, quantizing, or backing tracks, just music from the gut and from the heart.

The Allman’s were a live band first and foremost! We feel it’s our duty to keep their music alive. Just like symphonies perform music of great classical composers, we perform the music of the great modern composers.


This is our mission statement and our duty.